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Warning Signs for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse
in the Home
  1. Morning tardiness (especially Monday mornings)

  2. Absences, Poor attendance

  3. Improper clothing for the weather

  4. Consistent concern with getting home at end of day

  5. Strong avoidance of conflicts

  6. Isolation

  7. Regression: thumbsucking, infantile behavior with peers

  8. Frequent physical complaints (especially stomachaches, headaches)

  9. Fatigue in class.

  10. Inability to concentrate

  11. Sudden emotional changes (outbursts, tantrums, "mood swings") especially Mondays and Fridays

  12. Exaggerated concern with achievement and pleasing teacher/principal for children already at head of class

  13. Extreme fear about situations involving parents

  14. Preoccupation with siblings and their safety