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Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse in Teens

Academic Performance
             Drop in grades
             Work incomplete or not turned in
             Does not stay on task
             Disruptive in class
             Lacks motivation
             Absent or late frequently

Alcohol & Other Drugs 
             Talks about AOD use
             Others report concern about AOD use
             Wears AOD clothing or jewelry
             Odors of marijuana/alcohol/chemicals
             Smokes cigarettes

Behavioral Changes
              Increased need for money
              Depressed or anxious
              Dishonesty-lying, stealing
              Inappropriate emotional responses
              Argumentative or irritable
              Lack of energy
              Short term memory loss

Family under stress
              Secretiveness, self-induced isolation
              Verbal/physical abuse toward family members
               Less involvement at home

Peer Relations
              Change of friends
              Secretiveness, self-induced isolation
              Verbal/physical abuse toward family members
               Less involvement at home

Physical Appearance
               Weight Loss
               Loss of interest in appearance
               Pale face, circles under eyes
               Slurred or rapid speech
               Loss of appetite or increased appetite
               Bloodshot or dilated pupils
               Frequent colds, runny nose

Physical Evidence
              Eye drops (Visine, Murine)
              Cigarette rolling papers
              Mouthwash, gum breath sprays

             Expressed feelings of rejection
             Withdrawal from peers
              Poor social interactions
              Uncontrolled anger
              Violent and aggressive behaviors
              Discipline problems
              Expressions of intolerance and prejudice
              Affiliation with gangs
              Access to, possession of, and /or use of firearms
              Serious threats of violence
              Victim of violence