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The Children's Place Program - Curriculum Topics
Week One Getting To Know You and Me

Goal: To create a trusting, comfortable atmosphere. To create rules. To initiate group interaction.

Concepts: I am a special person in this group. Rules make it safe for me to share. There are others like me with similar problems.
Week Two Feelings

Goal: To identify, express and explore feelings related to addiction.

Concepts: All feelings are okay. Some feelings are more comfortable than others. Sometimes, it's appropriate to keep our feelings in. There are safe people to talk to.
Week Three Defenses

Goal: To learn defenses and how they cover up feelings.

Concepts: Behaviors that cover up my feelings are called defenses. Defenses help kids cope. I can learn when to use them and safe places to let them down.
Week Four Communication Skills

Goal: To express feelings and needs in healthy ways.

Concepts: I can use "I" messages. Body language and voice tone is important.
Week Five Alcohol, Drugs and Addiction

Goal: To understand chemical dependency as a progressive disease. To raise awareness about alcohol's effects on a person's behavior and feelings.

Concepts: Alcohol and other drugs can change how people feel. Some people use them as a defense. People with the disease of addiction are not bad people, they may do bad things.
Week Six My Family and Me

Goal: To raise awareness of the roles in a chemically dependent family. To identify and explore the effects of alcoholism on members.

Concepts: All families are special. We learn these rules: Don't talk-Don't trust-Don't feel
Week Seven Problem Solving and Decision Making

Goal: To learn creative problem solving techniques. To share and explore problems which will create new solutions and support.

Concepts: Asking for help is okay. We need to stay safe.
Week Eight Self-Care and Staying Safe

Goal: To learn healthy physical and emotional boundaries within the family. To identify safe people, places and activities.

Concepts: First priority is to stay safe. I can identify safe people in my life.
Week Nine I Am Special

Goal: To begin to identify positive traits.
To identify similarities and appreciate differences in themselves and others.

Concepts: I am a special person. It is ok to feel good about myself. I can celebrate myself and others.
Week Ten Celebration

Goal: To share affirmations and feelings about group experience with each other.

Concepts: I feel less alone when I share. It is important to share my feelings and needs.